Trustee Recruitment

About the Roles

Day One is seeking to appoint a Chair and several Trustees from diverse backgrounds who have an interest and insight into the issues facing health related charities. Trustees will bring a thoughtful and mature contribution to the work of the Charity’s Board of Trustees and be principled yet innovative. A willingness to be challenging but constructive and with a strong strategic focus but equally an ability to engage with detail are essential for these roles.

We are looking for Trustees who shares the ambition of Day One to provide peer to peer support in every major trauma unit in the UK, if not the world! You will build on our existing trajectory and support our work to significantly increase the reach, depth, and impact of our service as it moves to expand.

As a Chair you will:

  • Work closely with the Chief Executive to support the development of the new charity in terms of its de-linking from Leeds Cares into a stand-alone organisation.
  • Chair Day One meetings and lead Trustees in making decisions about the governance and strategic direction of the organisation; ensuring that the charity's strategic focus and ambition fulfils its mission as laid out in its governing document.
  • Establish policies, procedures, systems and protocols for a new charity
  • Establish the systems to monitor the charity’s impact and ensure it is effectively delivering its mission.
  • Ensure oversight of the organisation’s financial affairs.
  • Provide guidance and insight to help Trustees act in the best interests of the charity’s beneficiaries.
  • Identify the requirements for staffing to ensure that the organisation can discharge its duties effectively.
  • Review major risks and highlighting the need for appropriate provision for dealing with them.
  • Promote and ensure the highest standards of governance and best practice, and ensuring that the charity is fully compliant with its own governing documents and all relevant legal requirements, including charity and company law.
  • Act as an ambassador for Day One, fostering partnerships and promoting the organisation to supporters.

As a Trustee you will: 

  • Contribute to all aspects of Trustee Board business and strategic oversight.
  • Deploy a high level of understanding of governance and values leadership in a charity setting.
  • Contribute to the work of the organisation’s other Committees and working groups to advise, support, challenge and oversee our work.
  • To act as an ambassador for Day One representing the organisation at its own or other’s events.


  • Ensure the organisation complies with its articles of association 
  • Ensure the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives 
  • Contribute actively to the Board of Trustees' role in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals and setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  • Safeguard the good name and values of the organisation.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation.
  • Ensure the financial stability of the organisation.
  • Protect and manage the property of the organisation and to ensure the proper investment of the organisation's funds.


We are seeking candidates who are prepared to devote the time and energy to being a Trustee and who recognise the needs of the impact of operating in a regulated sector.

The Board of Trustees meets at least 6 times a year. Trustees are expected to attend all Board meetings and may be asked to serve on sub-committees or panels as required.

Trustees are also encouraged and supported to be visible to the Charity’s staff, donors, and stakeholders.